Why You Need a Facebook Ads Audit

There are 2.9 billion monthly users on Facebook. Among those 2.9 billion, 1.91 billion are active daily. This makes Facebook a massive asset for your advertising and marketing deliverables.

If you’re like most advertisers, you’re keeping track of how your ads are performing- across all of your networks. But do you know how to review your Facebook ads and gain the necessary data on how an advertisement campaign is performing? 

Maybe you’re at a loss as to how you measure the metrics of your ads or even when to analyze your metrics. Let’s dive into why you need a Facebook ads audit and how it can boost your ROI on all that money you funnel into your Facebook advertising. 

What Is a Facebook Ads Audit?

Put simply; a Facebook ads audit is a deep dive into everything that’s happening with your advertising campaign. Facebook ad audits will measure how your ads are performing, who they’re performing to, and what tools you’re using. 

When doing your audit, you’re looking for the strengths and weaknesses of your ad. The data will provide you insight so you can adjust your strategy to meet your goals. 

To gain the best insight into how your Facebook ads are performing, you should be auditing Facebook ads during these critical times: 

  • At least once a month to keep on top of metrics and KPI’s
  • Shortly after launching a new advertising campaign or taking on a new client
  • When your team’s strategy shifts or grows, and you’re interested in updating or changing your ad campaign 

You can conduct audits more frequently; the important point is to audit consistently in a way that works for you. 

Why You Need a Facebook Ads Audit 

Facebook advertising is still worth your time and money in 2021. But for ads to benefit your business, you have to understand why they are succeeding, why they’re falling short, and how you can remedy your campaign strategy.

Facebook ad audits are critical because you’re spending time and money on paid advertising- you don’t want to see these efforts wasted. Your audit will reveal what areas of your ads are working and what areas aren’t. 

Used correctly, your audits will track, target, create, and report metrics, allowing you to stay organized in your approach. In addition, audits will spot emerging market trends and patterns, informing your strategy to create more robust campaigns in both the short and long term.

It takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of your campaign, allowing you to manage paid social tactics confidently. 

Your successful ad campaigns informed by your ad audits will generate leads on your target audience, convert engagement to sales, and build your brand loyalty.

Outside of covering metrics, advertising audits are also good housekeeping. For example, Facebook regularly updates its platform, and your audits will keep you up to date on the site’s ad regulations, changes, or new advertising models. 

With the correct data from your advertising audits, you’ll be spending less time and money on your campaigns while boosting your ad reach, and in return, increasing your ROI. 

How to Perform a Facebook Ads Audit

There’s no one-size-fits-all Facebook advertising audit. Depending on your companies goals and preferences, your audit may look different from that of another company. 

However, many digital advertisers say tracking their target audience and optimization is their top priority. 

Most audits will consist of an account overview, creative deliverables, campaign structure, and your audience targets. 

The best way to conduct your advertising audit is to create a data spreadsheet yourself. Here’s a quick guide on how to create your audit:

  1. Start with your spreadsheet in Microsoft Word or Google Sheets. Label the columns with your prioritized goals- such as your target audience or engagement rate.
  2. Add date columns, so you know how often you’re performing audits. Remember to remain consistent and return to your audits if you’re starting a new project or updating campaign strategies.
  3. Access your Facebook Ads Manager from your business page.
  4. Collect your engagement insights overview. You can filter your results for specific ad sets and campaigns or by particular days and weeks- up to 28 days.
  5. Once filtered, you’ll receive a breakdown of what content performs well on your page and delivers engagement. Next, take the findings from your analysis and add them into their corresponding columns of the spreadsheet. 
  6. Visit the Facebook Insights page and select “people” from the tabs to find your demographic reach. Insights will show you who’s interacting with your contact, their age, race, ethnicity, and where they’re located.
  7. Input your data to the spreadsheet, which will be used later to customize your content audience
  8. Now you have insights into your demographics and what content they’re engaging with. As you audit your ads regularly, you’ll have comparative metrics on how all your content is performing. 

This guide is a simple example of how to conduct your audit, but maybe you want to dive deeper into your metrics and further your campaign reach. In that case, consider hiring an agency to handle your advertising strategies. 

No matter which route you choose, an advertising audit will be invaluable to your company.

Keep Informed With Regular Audits 

Your Facebook Ads audit offers valuable insights into your content and how it’s performing. It’s imperative to understand your audience, speak to their wants and needs, and re-evaluate your advertising strategies to serve your target better. 

Aim to perform your audits regularly, set your goals, and don’t be afraid to venture outside the box! With a simple audit, you can master your Facebook advertising and grow your business. 

If you’re interested in outsourcing your social media ad management, book a discovery call with us, and we’ll explore how we can take your Facebook advertising to the next level!

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