Which FB Ads Campaign is Right For You?

As of 2020, Facebook’s networking site has more than 90 million SMBs pages. The competition is tough but if you can master the trick of effectively using Facebook advertising to reach your ideal audience, you’ll skyrocket sales.

The most important question to ask before you turn on those powerful campaigns is “What is the goal of this Facebook ad?”.

Is it to make more sales? Get more leads? Create awareness for your brand?

Based on these answers, you can determine which ads campaign to use to meet your business goals.

Types of Facebook Ads Campaigns

There are two basic FB Ads Campaign that can help you increase leads and sales:

  1. Cold Traffic Campaigns
  2. Remarketing Campaigns

Cold traffic campaigns are ideal for new business owners and/or older businesses who have just set up their Facebook Business Account.

With cold campaigns, you can reach out to your target audience, create awareness for your product or service and generate interest and even buyers.

As soon as you have an audience, consider using Remarketing Campaigns.

Remarketing campaigns are highly effective in helping you generate more revenue. Don’t believe me? Check out these incredible stats:

  • The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of a typical display ad. [Source: Wishpond]
  • Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43%. [Source: Criteo]

Want to Drive Traffic, Sales, or Generate More Leads?

These types of ads can help your business create awareness for your product or service. They can significantly increase your website’s reach, warm your audience up, and have them potentially purchase your product.

Link Click Ads — These types of ads let you post the same ad on multiple news feeds. Use this if you want to promote your website or when you want users to visit your blog, landing page, and in some cases, your sales page. Link click ads are also effective at generating likes & engagement; just make sure that you engage with your audience — users prefer businesses who interact with them. Facebook is not called a ‘social’ networking platform for nothing.

Video Ads — Video advertisements are similar to link ads except that they use (you guessed it) a video, instead of an image. You can post long videos for this ad but we recommend a 30-second video. Just enough to capture your audience’s attention.

Boosted Page Posts — If you want more people to engage in your posts, consider Boosting them. You are able to amplify a post’s reach with this type of ad, increase brand awareness and build the KLT Factor (know, like, trust). These types of posts look just like ordinary posts except they say “Sponsored” just above.

FB Ads for E-Commerce Sites

Do you have an e-commerce store? Facebook allows you to showcase a vast range of products on your business pages. Below are the types of ads recommended for e-commerce stores:

Dynamic Product Ads — This is a type of remarketing display ad. Utilize this if you have already built an audience. DPA targets users based on their past actions.

Multi-product or Carousel Ads — You can promote up to 10 videos or images with carousel ads. This is a good way to find out which offers or posts attract users more.

Collection Ads — If you have a website, you can showcase products available on the website on your Facebook page. This will make it easier for users to discover and purchase your products.

Canvas Ads — Available only on mobile, these ads let users take different actions with your post: swipe through images, zoom in/out, or tilt the image. This is also faster than standard applications.

Facebook has a variety of other ad types that meet every need of your organization or business.

Don’t Forget

Facebook is extremely good at giving you want. Meaning, if you’re running ads, make sure you select the exact campaign for the results you want! Facebook WILL deliver you the results that you optimize for.

If you want sales, select a conversion campaign that optimizes for purchases. Don’t believe the hype that a traffic campaign (that might cost less) to get eyes on your product or service will give you sales.

Facebook will deliver the results you’ve asked them for in your campaign — so if you ask for traffic, they give you traffic NOT necessarily buyers.

Many advertisers lose money on campaigns because they aren’t optimizing to achieve their goals. Ultimately, they got what they ordered…and paid for…turns out, it just wasn’t what they wanted.

Grab this guide if you need effective techniques to minimize your Facebook ad costs.

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