When Should I Hire an Agency to Handle My Facebook Advertising?

When is the right time to hire a digital marketing agency to handle your Facebook ads?

Do you struggle to understand key metrics and user targeting data? Are you finding it difficult to juggle advertising on Facebook while managing your own business?

This article examines when you should hire an agency to work on your Facebook advertising.

Don’t struggle on your own. Make Facebook work for you to increase leads and sales. Read on to learn 3 signs that show it’s time to call in the experts.

1. Establishing Proof of Concept

Some businesses need a digital marketing agency to help advertise on Facebook from the outset but when possible, try to get proof of concept by running ads yourself.

Creating a proof of concept helps to determine the feasibility of your Facebook ads and builds a campaign’s foundations. Running several tests to see if an advert will work at scale will determine the direction of the ad and its spend.

New startups and companies without advertising experience often struggle to develop a POC.

They fall at the first hurdle and either give up or create a false sense of future success. That will only lead to disappointment and a waste of a marketing budget.

So if you can’t establish POC on your own, it’s time to enlist the experts.

2. Analysing Key Metrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analyze how effective an advert is and helps to measure ROI.

An inexperienced marketer isn’t aware of which KPIs to examine. Even a seasoned marketing agent might not know Facebook KPIs if they’ve never used the platform before.

They see social media and think that total likes, and engagement matter the most. However, a Facebook ads expert understands the value of:

  • Total conversion rates
  • Frequency of ads served
  • CPC and CTR rates

If these terms are meaningless or you don’t understand when to use them to optimize your campaigns, then it’s time to call an expert to better manage your ad budget.

3. Managing Time Constraints

If you’re spending more time managing your Facebook Ads than running your business, then it’s time to call an agency.

The goal of any marketing plan is to drive targeted traffic to your business. If you can’t fulfill orders, answer emails, or ship items because you’re too busy then what’s the point?

Time wasted creating campaigns, researching target groups, etc., is better spent elsewhere. Employing a marketing expert means you can use that time more productively while also achieving better results.

But what if you’re able to manage both your business and advertising on Facebook?

If your Facebook ads work, the time will come when the scales will tip. You’ll become so busy delivering your products or services that you won’t get the chance to manage your campaigns anymore.

And if that doesn’t happen, then your ads aren’t working as they should and it’s time to call the experts today!

Not ready or don’t yet have the budget to have a digital advertising agency manage your campaigns full time? No one says you have to — engage with a trustworthy source who’s willing to coach you through your ads & KPIs until you’re ready to offload this hugely important role. Many agencies offer hourly consulting sessions or audits that will give you valuable feedback that you can implement to ensure your campaigns are successful.

Time to Call In the Facebook Advertising Experts

Facebook advertising allows you to target specific user groups to promote your brand. Sometimes you can manage things by yourself, but when you can’t, you need to hire an agency that can achieve the best results.

Tyche Digital Media handles your Facebook ads and Google ads in the most productive way possible.

We help determine your targeting, ad creative, and budget to build you a solid strategy. We then outline the KPIs that matter and explain how they affect your ROI. Most importantly, we promote your products and services, leaving you to run your business without worrying about marketing.

Take the time to book a discovery call and discuss advertising on Facebook or Google with our team of experts.

Grab this guide if you need effective techniques to minimize your Facebook ad costs.

Results-driven, dynamic Director of Sales & Marketing turned Certified Master Marketer, Tammy uses all of her digital marketing smarts for good…she has managed millions of dollars in top-line revenue and hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising spend while consistently generating a 2:1 return inside the Facebook & Google Ad platforms. Follow Tammy on Facebook & Instagram.

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