How to Create Killer Ad Designs That Get Clicked

Did you know that people who click on ads are 50% more likely to turn into a customer? This is why creating ad designs that catch people’s attention is crucial.

Nowadays, many companies choose to advertise using digital outlets such as social media and Google because it allows them to reach a lot of people. In addition, it can be cheaper and more effective than other traditional advertising strategies. 

However, this can be a blessing and a curse for brands. Although an effective campaign can drive conversions, there is also a lot of competition to catch people’s attention. 

So, what can you do to make sure your ad designs make people want to click? 

Keep reading to find out some of the best advertisement design ideas and practices that will make your ads stand out from the rest.  

Strategically Pick the Colors in Your Ad Designs 

Remember that colors have the power to speak on their own, so if you want to make a statement with your ad designs, try to look into the fascinating world of color psychology.  You’ll be amazed by how much power each color holds. 

The colors you pick for your ads have the power of making your audience want to take a look. We all tend to scroll past everything that does not immediately catch our attention. That is why picking bright and attractive colors is a fantastic move when designing eye-catching ads. 

When picking the best color combinations for your ads, you should have a general idea of what colors work together. You don’t want to use colors that clash with each other. Getting familiarized with the color wheel is a great first step to ensure that your color combinations work. 

Make Sure There is Contrast 

When we look at ads, our eyes immediately try to find the most important elements. This is called hierarchy, and it is a very important component of modern ad design. As an ad designer, you’ll have to determine what the most important elements of your ads are and make sure to use contrast to emphasize them.

In addition, using contrast can help you create ads that will stand out from the rest. There is always a lot going on online, and ads with proper contrast can become attention grabbers that make people want to click. 

Use Engaging Copy

In modern ad design, there is usually a combination of copy and images. Although to grab people’s attention, visual elements will be your best friend; you’ll also need to engage your audience using copy.

As a rule of thumb, it is better to limit the world count in a display ad (only 20% of your ad should consist of copy). However, you need to be very strategic about what you do say. Think about it as an elevator pitch: if you only had a few sentences to make a good impression, what would you say? 

Every ad campaign has a specific goal, and using copy is a great way to achieve it. Your copy should always be engaging and well written. Because your audience is only going to give your ad a few seconds before they decide to click or scroll, it should always be straight to the point.

Usually, ads will have a headline, some body copy, and a call to action. The headline should immediately grab your audience’s attention, the body copy should give them enough information to want to click on the ad, and the CTA should give them instructions on what to do next. 

(We’ll cover the CTA later with its entire section since it is one of the most important elements of a successful ad).

Have a Strong CTA 

The ad’s call to action should never be an afterthought. Whenever you are designing your ad, think about what you want your audience to do next, and make sure you state it clearly. 

Your CTA should be highlighted. That is why we recommend isolating it from the rest of the copy for your audience to be able to identify it right away.

A lot of times, brands make the CTAs look like buttons. This is a great way to make sure it is clearly visible. In fact, it can also help increase clicks.  

The entire point of a call to action is to clarify to your audience what you want them to do next.

Is it signing up for your newsletter? Checking out the newly added styles? Claiming a free gift?

Whatever it is, you have to make sure your audience knows exactly how you want them to proceed. If they have to actively look for those instructions, it is likely that they will not stick around long enough to click on the ad. 

Taking time to properly come up with a killer CTA is very important to end up with a great ad that will bring conversions. The stronger your call to action is, the better your ad will perform. 

Emphasize The Benefits 

A successful ad will always tell the audience that there is something in it for them. 

People are not going to stop scrolling to look at an ad if clicking on it will not help them solve something. Whether you do this with your copy or with visuals, it is crucial to convince your audience that there is something important waiting for them on the other side of the ad. 

As consumers, we are constantly looking for products and services that will help make our lives easier. However, we don’t always take the time to look for those solutions ourselves. That is why brands need to use ads to show us. 

An ad might be very aesthetically pleasing, but if it does not state a benefit for the target audience, it will not be successful. 

When designing an ad, think about what you want your audience to do while simultaneously emphasizing what your ad will do for them. 

Use Relevant Images 

As you now know, an ad image should only consist of about 20% copy. This means that the rest of it should be visual elements. 

Images are a great way to fill up that space. However, just like with any other element in your ad, you need to make sure you are very strategic about it. 

Your ad will be competing with millions of other ads online, so make sure to use images that will make your audience want to stop to look at yours. 

A great way to do this is by incorporating emotions. If you get your audience to connect to your images (with humor, empathy, etc.), you’ll likely end up with a very powerful ad that will stop people from scrolling. 

If you are using images of people in your designs, it’s a good idea to think about your target audience and make sure to represent them. 

People want to see themselves in the brands they support, so keep this in mind when picking images for your campaigns. 

Incorporating diversity in your ads is very necessary and can even help you grow your audience in the long run. 

You also need to consider the message of your campaign. Relevance is key. If you are advertising a product for cats, don’t use a picture of a woman in the ad (even if that is who you are looking to target) unless, of course, she’s interacting with a cat. 

Images should complement the message of your ad without overpowering them. Therefore, make sure to pick images that grab people’s attention but don’t distract from the intended message.  

Furthermore, make sure all the images you use for your ad designs are high quality. Nothing makes people scroll faster than something pixelated. 

Illustration in advertising can also be very powerful. If you don’t want to use photographs, you could always go that route and come up with more personalized visuals.  

Simplicity Is Key 

An overcrowded ad is often a confusing one. Therefore, make sure that every single element in your design is absolutely necessary. Anything extra is only distracting your audience from the message, so try to keep everything as simple as possible without sacrificing aesthetics. 

There is no shame in using ad design templates to get started. This way, you’ll have a general idea of what you need in your ad and what you can live without. 

Adding too many elements to your ad can also distract from the CTA, and as we’ve previously covered, this is a huge mistake in the process of creating ads. 

Empty space can often be a superpower in design since it can help emphasize all of the most important elements, so don’t be afraid of taking advantage of it. 

Need Help Bringing Your Campaigns to the Next Level? 

Once you have an ad with great images, copy, contrast, and a strong CTA, you’ll want to start a campaign that will fill your sales funnel with leads. 

Facebook Advertising and Google Ads are some of the best options for this. 

At Tyche Digital Media, we can help make sure your stunning ad designs bring conversions. If you need help figuring out how to bring your campaigns to the next level, contact us today

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