Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It in 2021?

Are you looking for more ways to establish your brand as a leading source in your industry? Do you want to push your brand out in front of your target market to yield higher sales conversions? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about Facebook ads in 2021.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the one question that we always get is this: are Facebook ads still worth it? The answer is a resounding yes, but you need to do it right.

All of that starts with understanding the benefits of advertising on Facebook in 2021, as well as the new changes that you should be considering.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Ads?

Whenever someone thinks of social media advertising, it’s likely that Facebook advertising is the first thing that comes to mind. Why? Because they were at the forefront of it all those years ago.

They’ve lived up to that reputation quite nicely, and can still offer exceptional benefits to your brand. See below for more information.

Active Responses

Did you know that Facebook has the most active users of any social media platform? With over 2.8 billion active users a month, Facebook can essentially guarantee that you’ll get more responses from your target market.

Why does activity matter? Think of it this way: to get your target customers to purchase your products from your Facebook ads, they need to act on it. Since Facebook is a highly interactive space as-is, its users are used to clicking, entering information, and follow prompts.

By setting up Facebook ads with a strong call to action and as few steps as possible, you can easily start to see higher sales conversions on your site.

Higher ROI

A social media ad is nothing without rendering results. Quite frankly, if you pay for an advertisement that doesn’t convert, then you’ve wasted your money. Harsh, but true.

Facebook advertising can give you a higher return on your investment in a variety of ways. It can help you with things like:

  • Generating high-quality leads from your target markets
  • Rendering higher sales conversions (due to the ads being put in front of your target buyers)
  • Helping you build customer loyalty with your brand

Who wouldn’t want more of those things? Don’t become satisfied with social media ads that render tiny results. Use Facebook ads to zero in on your target demographic, then reap the rewards of more sales in the near future.

More Brand Recall

Here’s an exercise for you: when we say “lawyer”, what’s the first law firm that comes to your mind? When we say “hospital”, which local hospital brand immediately pops into your head?

Whether you knew it or not, that law firm and hospital have imprinted a strong impression into your brain. So much so, that a single word caused you to recall their logo, building, etc. This is what we refer to in the marketing industry as “brand recall.”

It’s one of the most lethal tools in a company’s marketing arsenal. But how can you build brand recall with your brand? By seeing your logo, face, and content on places (such as Facebook) that leave a stronger impression.

Facebook ads can help you start to get your brand in the back of your target customer’s head. With enough repetition, that brand recall will force them to learn more about your company.

New Changes That Advertisers Should Consider

As you may or may not know, Facebook made a few extreme changes to their Facebook advertising initiatives. Let’s take a look at a quick summary of the changes you should be most aware of.

Checkout Option

As crazy as it may seem, just the simple act of Facebook sending a customer to another site (yours) is enough to turn them off to learning anything else about your brand.

Facebook realized this and went to work on providing a solution: customers can now use Facebook Pay on other platforms. This is similar to the way you would use funds on your Paypal account to pay for a product on a different site.

Facebook Pays’ reach is expanding quickly, so you might be able to attach it to your website soon. In fact, if you use Shopify for your site, you can implement the Facebook Pay method right now.

Buyer-Specific Experience

Facebook advertising wants to help you create an experience so strong that customers will look forward to doing it over and over again. 

Facebook is pouring out all of the stops to enhance the shopper experience. They want to include as many tools as possible to help you see a higher ROI for your marketing. 

They’re also enhancing the importance of helping small businesses with new “small business badges” to encourage customers to buy from the little guy. This is tremendous news for up-and-coming brands and startups. 

There are a lot of changes headed this way. Be sure to team up with a trusted digital media service that can help you navigate these waters. We know the ins and outs of Facebook ad’s newfound direction, and can help you capitalize on it!

Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads for Your Brand

Now that you understand the power of Facebook ads and all they can offer you, be sure to find a digital marketing media company that can help you thrive on Facebook advertising.

Be sure to read this article for more information on whether Facebook ads use first-click or last-click attribution to charge you.

If you want to learn more about how our service and how we can help you, be sure to visit this page to book a discovery call!

Grab this guide if you need effective techniques to minimize your Facebook ad costs.

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