31 Facebook Advertising Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2021

Facebook is the most dominant social media platform, hands down. That fact seems to be as common knowledge as George Washington being the first president.

And where there’s an audience, there are advertisers. That’s where we come in.

Many businesses use Facebook to advertise their companies, and for good reason.

If you’re thinking of dipping your toe into Facebook advertising, here are some important stats you need to know.

Facebook Advertising Tip #1. Know The Importance

The reason Facebook has become so important is because of the scale of its audience. It is greater than any TV program, Google search, or any other social media platform.

Roughly half of the planet is on social media, and the majority of them are active users of Facebook. Facebook provides the opportunity to target ads to very specific users, and with such a huge base of people and so much information about them, marketers can easily target their intended audience with customized ads.

Out of all the Facebook statistics and facts, the most important takeaway is that Facebook ads are a serious way to help your business.

2. Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Facebook ads are as big or small as you want them to be, and you can target just about any audience you like. If your customers have to go to a physical location, rather than just your company website, then you can target just people in your town.

If you want to target an audience of women, ages 18–24, who are interested in playing softball, you can do that. You can reach as many people as your budget allows.

You can even use our Facebook budget calculator to find out how much you’ll spend on your ad campaign.

3. People Use Facebook An Average Of 8 Times A Day

That’s a high average but that’s, actually, on the low end for many users. Some of which you probably know!

4. Facebook Has A LOT Of Active Users

2.8 billion users are active every month, to be precise. We weren’t kidding when we said almost half the world.

5. Facebook Is Still Growing… FAST!

In 2020 alone, Facebook reported a growth of 57%. Their marketing campaigns around the world are coming to fruition.

6. Facebook Makes Money Off Every User

On average, Facebook makes $9.82 per user in the 4th quarter of 2020. That adds up for the biggest platform on the internet!

7. Ad Revenue Boomed In 2020

The pandemic undoubtedly had something to do with the spike. However, it didn’t stop. In the 4th quarter of 2020, ad revenue jumped to $27.1 billion.

8. The US & Canada Total Over Half The Market

In fact, the two countries generated $13.7 billion of their ad revenue in Q4. If you’re based in one of these countries, you’re in a good position.

9. Mobile Ads Are Superior Ads

Mobile ads alone made up 94% of ad revenue in the second quarter of 2019. That was up 3% from the previous quarter. Really shows you that everybody’s on their phones! Think mobile first ads.

10. Facebook Is The Second Most Downloaded App

You may be surprised that it wasn’t in the top spot, but this is still impressive. TikTok was able to edge out Facebook, in part because of its international standing.

11. Facebook Is The 3rd Most-Visited Site

Facebook took third place to YouTube and, of course, Google. At its current growth rate, however, it poses a threat to the top spots.

12. Most Of Facebook’s Audience Is Male

57% of Facebook users are male. Not a huge majority, but worth noting to best reach your target audience.

13. Most Of The Growth Is In Developing Countries

Facebook has huge outreach campaigns to get new users across the globe hooked on their platform. The fastest-growing region right now is in the Middle East and Africa. Combined, they’ve been seeing a growth rate of 13.6%.

14. Almost Everybody Knows About Facebook

Among people ages 12 and up in the US, 95% are aware of Facebook. It makes you wonder where that other 5% has been…

15. 69% Of Adults Use Facebook

In the US, that is. And that’s still while seeing continuous growth in the scale of users around the world.

You may be surprised to learn that this isn’t the highest, even in the continent. Canada has a rate of 83%.

16. 63% Over 12 Use Facebook

Teens are known for their love of social media. 63% is not too far off from the 69% of adults, considering you’re adding 25 million people to the figure. That still keeps the number right around two-thirds of the population.

17. Mobile App Users Spend More Time On Facebook

The average Facebook mobile app user spends 57 minutes a day on it, again averaging 8 times per day. This is actually more time than they spend on any other app or music player!

18. The Ad Market May Be American, But Not The Users

While Americans make up an overwhelming portion of Facebook’s ad revenue, you may be surprised to learn that the US only makes up for 8.9% of total users worldwide.

That’s not too low when you realize that Americans make up for roughly 4% of the world’s population.

19. Facebook Ads Have A Lot Of Potential

If an ad campaign doesn’t target too narrowly, they have the potential to reach up to 2.18 billion people. Of course, that would take a huge budget.

But there are also many ways you can improve your Facebook ad audience to really maximize that potential.

20. CPC Campaigns Are Affordable

The average Cost Per Click (CPC) is $1.72. This puts it in the range of many other CPC campaigns. While it isn’t cheap, it’s not outrageous for what you’re getting.

21. Video Ads Have Low CPC

The cost per click on a Facebook video ad is only 55 cents. Keep this in mind if you’re on a budget, as videos are likely even more likely to capture attention!

22. Facebook Ads Have Great ROIs

The return on investment (ROI) is actually believed to be the highest on the market. It makes sense with such an expansive audience.

23. Engagement Rate Is 3.91%

The engagement rate for an organic post, that is. Posts with higher engagement are also less expensive to promote because higher engagement is one of the most important metrics in any ad campaign.

24. “Click To Call” Ads Drove 36 Billion Calls In 2019

That’s right, 36 billion calls to US businesses came from click-to-call buttons or landing pages with the business’ phone number. This could even be an underestimate if people were punching in the phone numbers themselves on a different device!

Not only that but calls are expected to influence over $1 trillion dollars of consumer spending this year. Not bad.

25. English Speakers Dominate The Platform

1.1 billion Facebook users speak English. That’s out of 2.8 billion total users, making it a pretty disproportionate slice of the pie. Great to know for English-speaking companies!

26. Men Aged 25–34 Make Up 18.8% Of Users

Not an insignificant amount. Women in that same age range make up 12.8%. I guess Instagram isn’t their thing.

27. High-Income Earners Use Facebook

Numbers aren’t certain, but Facebook usage is said to be high among Americans earning over $70,000 annually. That’s really important for advertisers to know. Privileged audiences are the best audiences.

28. Phone Calls Have The Best Success

Phone calls convert to 10–15x more revenue than web leads, which makes sense. If you call a business, you’re probably ready to buy something.

Calls also provide a more immediate return on your investment, often up to 30% faster than web leads.

The retention rate among callers is also 28% higher than web leads, and many businesses reported higher sale values for calls. Consider this for your next campaign and see if it works for you!

29. People Don’t Hate Customized Ads

The whole controversy with Apple and Facebook lately was great for consumer choice. However, 72% of those same consumers said they only engage with ads when they are tailored to their specific needs and interests.

In other words, if your company has a target audience, use it.

31. Customer Experience Matters

80% of customers say that the experience a company provides them is just as important as the product. 83% also said experience plays a large role in whether or not they will remain loyal to a brand.

Remember, leads are only the first part. It’s just as important (and less expensive) to hold onto those customers!

Learn Before You Promote

From all of these statistics, it’s easy to see why advertisers choose Facebook as their platform of choice. The audience diversity and scale are hard to match, campaigns can be easily targeted, and the campaigns can be as affordable as you like…even as little as $5 per day.

There’s still a lot more to know before you start running your first Facebook advertising campaign. If you need some help, we know just how. Give us a call!

Source: Facebook Financial Report

Grab this guide if you need effective techniques to minimize your Facebook ad costs.

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