What Is a Facebook Ads Funnel and Why Do You Need One

There are over one million active shops on Facebook today. Not only that, but 250 million people are interacting with them each month! 

Eager to bring some of those 250 million people over to your business? A Facebook ads funnel is the key to converting interested folks into loyal customers.

Read on to learn how you can harness the power of Facebook Advertising to grow your audience. 

What Is A Facebook Ads Funnel?

You may have heard of sales funnels before. Sales funnels allow you to grow your audience/sales at once. Imagine a funnel for a moment – like a big upside-down pyramid.

You lead audiences from interest to engagement and then to a sale. A Facebook ads funnel uses this same concept. You use Facebook advertising to lead customers through each stage towards a sale.

That means from awareness all the way to purchasing; ads can guide your audience forward. Let’s start with the top of the funnel:

Top Of The Funnel

The widest part of your Facebook ads funnel is what you can think of as the discovery phase. This is where you begin to attract an audience.

Here you’ll need to pay special attention to the quality of your content. If your content doesn’t seem trustworthy, your potential audience isn’t going to bite. To attract their attention, Video, Image, and Carousel ad types are eye-catching choices. 

Use saved and lookalike audiences when building your ads. It’s best to choose campaign objectives like Traffic and Reach here. You’re not trying to make a sale yet but rather build an interested audience. 

Middle Of The Funnel

Next comes the middle part of your Facebook ads funnel. If you did it right, you’ve won over an audience.

You’re going to want to create a custom audience. Within Facebook ads manager, create an audience of those who are already engaging. Choose Facebook Page engagers, Instagram engagers, video viewers, and Facebook shopping engagers. 

Video, Image, and carousel ads work to keep your audience engaged. At this stage, you’re generating trust between yourself and the audience. Objectives such as Traffic, Lead Generation and Engagement are your best bet now.

Think of ways to build rapport with your audience. You can direct them to your site or win them over with a high-value freebie like an e-book, checklist, or toolkit. You can also offer a sale or incentive. 

Bottom Of The Funnel

Lastly comes the thinnest part of the funnel – the bottom. This is the point where your audience has heard about you, engaged with you online, and is ready to buy. 

By now, you should have refined your audience earlier in the funnel. You should have an airtight grasp on your audience. Create a custom audience made up of those who have already looked at your website.

Also useful are people who’ve spent time on specific collections or product pages. And don’t forget those who’ve already added something to their cart—use objectives like Catalog Sales, Conversions, and Store Traffic at this stage.

Your goal is to lead your audience to make a decision – to purchase from you. The best ad type for this stage of the funnel is either Video, Image, Carousel, or using Dynamic Product Ads to close the deal. 

Don’t forget what happens after the funnel! Many business owners forget this crucial step.

You can continue targeting them with ads to keep them coming back. Consider nurturing your audience for up to 180 days! An incentive or discount is a great way to turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers. 

The Power Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising in 2021 allows you to build long-term client relationships. When building up your sales funnel, online advertising allows you to target your ideal audience. You can get super specific about who you’re targeting and even where AND WHEN on the platform you want to reach them.

Harness the power of Facebook ads to engage with customers then nudge them further into your funnel. Using your compelling content and strategy, you keep them interested.

Knowing your funnel means you can constantly tweak and perfect your campaigns. 

Don’t Go It Alone

You’re busy running your business, I know! Facebook advertising can be complex and time-consuming. Many business owners lean on experienced professionals to make the process smoother.

But using a Facebook ads sales funnel rewards you in return. You maximize your reach towards your audience and convert them from strangers to customers. Your Facebook ads sales funnel allows you to grow your audience/sales at once. 

Interested in learning more? Book a discovery call with me to discuss setting up your Facebook ads funnel!  

Grab this guide if you need effective techniques to minimize your Facebook ad costs.

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