How to Ethically Spy on Your Competitors

Over 1.6 billion people use Facebook daily.

Facebook is great for catching up with long-distance friends, checking out your new crush, or getting involved in online communities. It’s also a great place for businesses to advertise their products and services.

Use the Facebook Ad Library to post your own ads and to spy on your competitors’ ads. It’s a quick way to grow your audience.

We’ll give you a quick guide below on how to ethically keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It’ll help you get an edge on the competition.

What Is the Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a tool that establishes transparency and creates a single place where all running ads can be viewed. You’re even able to view running Instagram ads.

While there are plenty of other tools you can use to spy on your competition, this tool is free and easy to figure out. Let’s dive into some ways you can use it.

Filter Ads

At the end of the day, you want to know what works. You’re able to figure this out by filtering the ads by impressions. On Facebook, an impression is the number of times an ad pops up onto someone’s screen for the first time.

The more impressions an ad has, the more people are seeing it. You want that same boost of visibility.

Spend time checking out the latest, most impressionable ads. Take notes on how the ads are structured and any buzzwords used. Gain inspiration to use on your own marketing strategy.

Search Your Competitors

If you know your competitors are using Facebook ads, search their names in the Ad Library. It’s time to do some snooping.

There are a few key things to pay attention to while you snoop. Look at what type of media they’re using. Are they using primarily photos or did you notice some videos and infographics?

You’ll also want to focus on the overall message and tone the ads are portraying. What language are they using? What emotions are they trying to stir?

What type of interaction and feedback are the ads getting?

Keeping a close eye on your competitors quickly turns their current customers into your newest potential customers. If you’re struggling with getting a leg up on the competition, you can also try investing in advertising services.

Put Your Spin On It

Now that you know what sorts of advertisements are working, it’s time to put your own creative spin on the content. Pull bits and pieces of inspiration from customers, but leave your mark on the final product.

It’s important to build an original, consistent brand your customers can trust.

It’s Okay to Peek

Use the Facebook Ad Library to ethically spy on your competition today. They’ll never know you peeked.

Filter the ads in the library to see what’s making the biggest impression. Look up your specific competitors to see what they’ve been doing. Don’t forget to put your own special touch on your final product.

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